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Win crypto prizes through altcoin trading competitions

http://lowharbinger5284.soup.io When you think of making money with cryptocurrency, you’d probably think of investing or trading first and foremost. Now there’s an even more fun way to acquire cryptocurrencies and digital coins and that’s by joining trading competitions on sites like AltcoinFantasy.com. There are new contests every week and to make it more exciting, Altcoin Fantasy partners with brands to bring the top traders prizes each and every week.

It works like this -- you start out with a “virtual” $10,000 USD which you then use to trade bitcoin and alt coins (ie. alternative digital coins), trying to grow your portfolio and end up in the green. As the competition goes on, your portfolio value is updated live and you can see how you’re comparing to others traders.

If there are traders that are doing particularly well, (and there usually are), it’s possible to check out their portfolio and see what they’re buying & selling. This is very useful information not only for your trading portfolio, but also handy when you’re choosing what coins to invest in with real money.

Competitions usually run for 1 or 2 weeks and because they’re sponsored by all sorts of crypto projects and apps, you can win real cash prizes, (paid in crypto of course). The most recent competition had a prize pool of $2000, so it’s not small time stuff.

The most valuable Altcoin Trading Platform part for traders isn’t even the prizes though, the platform simulates live order books which means that it’s the most accurate way to test out new trading strategies or improve on existing ones. And with traders ranging from complete newbies to professional traders there’s always new ways to improve strategies. We are the best cryptocurrency simulator because we try to be as realistic as possible. We even charge trading fees on trades, just like the real simulator!

The trading simulations at Altcoin Fantasy are a great way to dip your toes into the crazy, volatile world of cryptocurrency trading and have some fun while doing it. Oh and did we mention it was free to join?

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